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What You Should look For In Web Hosting 

What is a Web hosting account?


A Web hosting account is a type of service which allows you to store or save your files on a dedicated Web server. This makes it possible for these files to be accessed online through a website.


Choosing a Web hosting company can be complicated but by keeping certain factors in mind, you will be able to find a good and reliable Web hosting company. These factors include disk space, bandwidth, add-on domains, site building software, up time guarantee, traffic analysis, customer support and email services. By making the right choice from the very start, you will avoid having to suddenly switch to another Web host. 


Webmail hosting


1and1 email is one of the most important features that you should look into when choosing a hosting company. Webmail hosting is an important necessity for most businesses operating on the Internet for online transactions, website registrations or sign ups, verification processes and essential communication. Here are some important things that you need to consider when choosing the best webmail hosting provider.




Having your very own personalized email address reflects a company's professionalism. It is very important that your chosen Web hosting company provide will be able to provide you email addresses using your own personalized domain. There are some companies who can provide an unlimited number of email addresses.


When your customers receive an email from you, they will feel safe and secure. You may have a beautiful, well-designed website, but if you are sending your customers an email using a free yahoo address, you look less established than you really are. Investing in Webmail hosting benefits your company's reputation and identity.




You should be able to access the email accounts in the control panel of your Webmail. It is normal to access your email account in different computers or devices. It will be very tedious to configure or set up every program you will use on every computer so be sure to verify that your Web host has Webmail facilities.


Spam Protection


A reliable Web hosting company will offer spam filter for all email accounts. Spam emails are not only annoying but very time consuming. Verify with your Web host if they have spam filters that can prevent or lessen junk mail.


Auto responders


A decent and reliable Web hosting provider at apps.rackspace has auto responders which automatically replies to the customer informing them that their correspondence has been received and the concern is being checked by staff.